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The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is an American multinational consumer goods corporation headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. It specializes in a wide range of personal health/consumer health, and personal care and hygiene products; these products are organized into several segments including Beauty; Grooming; Health Care; Fabric & Home Care.

P & G is known to test it's products on animals in extremely cruel ways: Caustic chemicals are forced into the eyes of rabbits and applied to animals' shaved and raw skin. Laboratory workers place the animals in restraining devices so they cannot struggle while the workers apply the chemicals, which burn into the animals' eyes and skin. P&G "scientists" do not sedate the animals or give them pain killers. Animals sometimes break their necks or backs attempting to escape the pain. Those that survive are used in yet additional painful tests ... until they are finally killed. The victims include rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets and other animals.

P&G refuses to stop testing its products on animals, despite the fact that these tests are not required by any law, and despite the fact that more reliable and humane alternatives do exist.

Procter & Gamble spends millions of dollars to package itself as a responsible, caring company, and claims to be a leader in the development of alternatives to the use of animals in product testing. But P&G refuses to put its money where its mouth is. In 1996 alone, P&G spent $5.1 billion on advertising. This stands in stark contrast to the $64 million that P&G claims to have spent on developing alternatives over a 14-year period! Despite its repeated P.R. claims about being in the forefront of developing alternatives and reducing product testing on animals, P&G's priorities seem clear: in less than 5 days, P&G spends more on advertising than it claims to have spent in 14 years on alternatives to painful and lethal animal tests.

The fact is, P&G says one thing and does another. If they truly shared our goal of eliminating animal cruelty, P&G would not have lobbied to defeat a bill before the California legislature that would have banned the infamous Draize eye-irritancy test.

In reality, P&G relies on these archaic tests strictly for its own protection from liability lawsuits. The truth is that P&G could stop animal testing today without hindering anyone's safety. Until it stops its animal cruelty, the letters P&G will stand for nothing but Pain & Greed!


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"- low quality standards for such a well reputed company"

Customer Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If the personnel in administration were as appealing as their products, I would be the first one to tell anyone when given the opportunities. Same applies to my comment to a psychiatrist. If you would meet them, you wouldn't think they are so great.Greatroducts"

promotora de vendas (Former Employee) says

"Salário baixo exigências muito alta . Nem um tipo d preocupação com o funcionárioNadaTudo"

Admin (Former Employee) says

"Ellenséges munkaközösség, lehetetlen előlépni, alacsony fizetés cserébe jól kifacsarnak, hogy még élni se lesz kedved. Ha mazochista vagy akkor gyere ide és nagyon élvezed , hogy itt megállt az élet."

Line Lead (Former Employee) says

"At first I was excited to start as a lead here but then I noticed they were not doing things by code and when I spoke up about it the next day my supervisor told my temp agency that I quit. Please be cautious when applying to work here management is terrible and I have not met any employee that has work there more than 6 months I should have took that as a sign. If you like working in a dysfunctional and mismanaged workplace then this is the job for you."

SAP Business Process Owner (Former Employee) says

"P&G does not believe in rewarding work or time spent at the company. If you work for a company the they just took over, beware, your days are numbered. They like to have their people in place and try to force out anyone who has been with that company for a long time. Just ask anyone who worked for the Noxell Corporation, Old Spice or Gillette. They strip a company of things they want and dump the rest on someone else."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you are considering working here, I suggest that you quit while you’re ahead. This is absolutely the most unstable environment that you could ever be a part of. Management is a joke, lines are being managed by young men/women who have just graduated college (with no prior management skills), training is mediocre, and the only way to progress is to stab your coworkers in the back."

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"You NEVER KNOWN WHAT TO EXPECT .Everyday was something different .You got moved around alot on different lines Loading & Open Product on the Conveyor Belt"

Packing Associate (Current Employee) says

"They lied to me! This place sucks they never fix anything and act like theycare about safety but they don’t. Big time favoritism as far as promotions are concerned."

Method Testing & Validation Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The worst company in the world. Total nonsense. Everything is base on deceits. There is not more to say. Regardless of other entities of the main Cooperate Office, May members are not up to par.Make believe.Poor."

Administrative Assistant lll (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a contractor at p&g company in Fayetteville ARKANSAS. So I was to start duties on the 2/17/2020 but I started a week before. On the first day of orientation every thing went well on my second day at exactly 11:45am I was call in a private meeting room only for this people to tell me the dont need me no more. Firstly the job description was different from what you are expected to do and the title of the job was not what the required you to do"

Facility Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"The worst people i have ever meet they didnt care about you at all. You were just a number. It was very dangerous to work there lots of violence between employees terrible pay and long hours with no breakClocking out and leaving at the end of my dayKnowing i had to go back to work the next day"

Package Handler (Former Employee) says

"the work environment is horrible & so is the pay. when its hot outside its ten times worse in the warehouse & when its cold outside its like Antartica & the air condition doesn’t work. they say you’re going to get paid 12 an hour but you only get paid $100 every week"

Line leader (Former Employee) says

"Don’t treat employees very good or give out raises to those that deserve them. Have terrible communication and don’t respect the employees at all whatsoever"

Line Assembler (Former Employee) says

"The management is horrible. The job is simple and easy, but people does not treat the lead right. The workers work lazy and be on their phones. Its just horrible how the workers act."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Negative work culture. Do not allow easy advancement of position and did not encourage advancement. Hours were not the best (12 hour swing Shift). Generous vacation time."

Teal leader (Former Employee) says

"This company have not good salary & nothing chance grow up. I did 4 year in direct marketing. They told do work dedicatedly promotion will happen but since for year they didn't promoted me.& no growing salary"

Packing/ labelling (Current Employee) says

"Work you too hard for 8.00 and hour and no raise some people have been there for years and still making 8 and hour. Needs to go up on minimum ways for blacks people to make a decent living. SadFriendly employeesNot enough pay"

Shunt Truck/Forklift Operator/pkg op (Former Employee) says

"Worked both as a temp and as a contract employee in warehouse and driving shunt truck. Contract only. No benefits. No real managment structure. Little training but expect you to know the job. Blame game all the time between employees and mgmt. Company only cares about one thing - profit. Closing best plants and teminating good employees for bottom line."

Packer (Current Employee) says

"The rules are ridiculous. they don't pay enough for the work they want from you.i don't like it there plus the line captains are not professional or polite to fellow workers they think there above everyone"

Staff Management (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working for Procter & Gamble it was a factory job hard work constant work and easy work work with others to get the job done work as a team and never doubted each other"

Medwin Correo says

"very annoying some agents they dont know what they doing asking 2 irrelevant questions and they will down your site whenever they want , specialy alexander y , lol , hes work like intern , just deciding , to down your site , or what ever he wants to decide ,,, i paid them cryptocurrency , ETH , and in the ledger said its paid ,, but they just told me that they didnt received , they dont even do anything to verify , lol , i will not recommend this , if you want all our conversation from top to bottom i will give it to you and I WILL 100% ASSURE YOU THAT YOU WILL ANNOYED TOO . i will add the screen shot of the EVIDENCE"

customer says

"Worst Onboarding Exeprience Problems: 1. Could not register for an account since the verification code was not being accepted. The online support suggested to use incognito mode where eventually it worked. 2. There is no option to pay directly via credit/debit card. 3. All most all payment modes mentioned are not available for my country. 4. Skrill has been removed, the billing team got the memo late 5. For Union pay I have to signup to a new Bank and get the union pay card other options are not working for Pakistan 6. The billing support team were not up to date with the available payment options. 7. I still have no way to pay for the service"

Jon W says

"There seems to be many good reviews for this host. I can say from a host service they may be fine. But as a business, They are terrible. I run an online travel business consisting of many different websites targeting different search phrases etc. We use some small 3 page websites as billboards directing people to us. This is what I used host ripples for. A 3 page website that sits online as a billboard or future use as a bigger site. After years paying $12 for this site to be hosted with them, they have raised their rates 600% to $75 per year. This is ridiculous on it's own let alone for a tiny little site we don't care about much. The same day the invoice was paid I asked for a refund and for them to go ahead and cancel my service. They play games with email responses for two days with you and then say, Oh sorry, we are not going to refund you. We are going to rob you and keep your money. This is terrible business. Do they really believe the $75 they just took from me is worth more than this review? Worse than all the other reviews I am going to leave. When someone leaves a bad review on a business online, there is no way to quantify exactly how many customers you will lose for eternity. How many people read a review and just try someone else. I would try someone else. These people are highway robbery."

Arquivos Pessoais says

"Hostripples.com make me loose a lot money. They really tricks us with that Reseller Plan on WHM, after a month, with acceptable errors occurring we decided to pay the annual plan. Then the nightmare began ... Every 3 hours there were 20 minutes of downtime, every day at the same times ..., they replied that they were updates. Every day for 7 days? We lost customers because of the Hostripples.com company. We started asking for the $82 refund, but they denied the refund saying it had been 30 days. What these stupid people don't understand is that the refund should also be returned in cases of very poor service. I asked my lawyer what to do, he is trying to file a lawsuit, it was then that we found out: Hostripples.com do not have a physical office in the USA or even have permission to work in the USA. Not even to employ people! They use a VOIP number with very bad English from the attendants! What can I say?! run away from Hostripples I dedicate this forum to tell everybody Hostripples is the worst hosting service that I have experienced in my life > 2bhost org"

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